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jeudi 31 janvier 2008, 21:12

Update - Thursday January 31

Hero AI
  • Improved Hero AI for the Monk skill, Holy Veil.
  • Improved Hero AI for the Elementalist skill, Vapor Blade.
  • Improved Hero AI for the Mesmer skill, Drain Delusions.
  • Improved Hero AI for the Assassin skill, Mark of Death.
  • Improved Hero AI for the Assassin skill, Augury of Death.

  • Charr Bladestorms found in Guild Wars: Eye of the North now wield swords instead of axes to match their equipped skills.
  • Damned Crewmen in the Shards of Orr now have Clamor of Souls instead of Destructive Was Glaive to remedy large spike damage that occurs when these creatures disappear during final boss encounter.
  • Updated Automated Tournament map rotations.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in Eye of the North that could allow players to accept the Smell of Titan in the Morning quest before saving Captain Langmar, thus preventing these players from turning the quest in when completed.
  • Fixed a bug with some male player armor combinations involving Chaos Gloves, Glacial Gauntlets, Destroyer Gauntlets, and Stone Gauntlets that could leave a gap at the left elbow.


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vendredi 1 février 2008, 07:44

wtb improved Izzy-AI

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