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Steve Davies



Friday, March 16th 2007, 9:46am

Mondfest Turnier - Runde 6

Mondfest-Turnier: Paarungen der sechsten Runde

Herausforderer 1. Kampf Punkte Gegner
Accident Prone 9-9 Helis Galonia Commando Elite
Achilles Dream 6-6 Brood Of Thousand Shadows
Angels Symphonys 9-9 Portrayors of Valour
Battery Powered Best Friend 15-12 Russian Invasion
Biscuit of Dewm 3-3 Pirates of Blountville
Black Emperor 12-12 The Knights Templar
Chimera of Intensity 9-9 Xen Of Onslaught
Clan Acciaio 0-0 Schluempfe an die Waffen
Clan Detained 15-15 Mostly Harmless
Dei Victorae 9-9 Daunting Tempest
Die Gunstbanausen 6-6 Samurai Of Quicksilver Dragons
Dragon Estos * BYE *
Earls Cendree 12-12 Bambis Don’t Say
Echoed Woe 6-6 Nightmare On Sesame Street
Elefanten Sind Lame 6-6 Dark Evil Angels
Esoteric Warriors 15-15 Team Quitter
Fall Back 9-9 Nowhere To Hide
Fame Factory 9-9 Team Fun
Final Moment 9-9 Dark Palanx
Forgot The Ghostlyyyyy 12-12 Moje Chore Ego
Forlorn Savior 12-12 Supernova Jpn
Ghostly Zeroes 6-6 The Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Girls Camp 9-9 Battle Gods
Hawks of Ascalon 6-6 Deutsches Ascalon Reserve Team
Heroes of Talia 6-6 Kitty Likes Coconuts
I Agony Realm I 9-9 Cats The Musical
I Chosen I 9-9 Union Of Twelve
I Good Fellas I 3-3 Offensive Guild Name Here
I Need Ammo 9-9 Sailor Moon Guild
Ice Cold Empire 6-6 Kudly V Zadech
Idiot Savants 15-15 Team Everfrost
Illusioned Redemption 3-3 Be Team
Keepers Of Chaos 6-6 Tyrannus Australis
La Stirpe Demoniaca 6-6 Premium Heart
Leather Rebels 6-6 Deception Genesis
Legendary Blade Knights 6-6 Attuned Was Some Gai
Legion Of Losers 12-12 Storm Bearers
Listen To 12-12 Just A Minor Threat
Looking For Soap In The 3-3 We Card
Los Chavos del 9-9 I Pirati Di Tyria
Lupus Et Agnus 6-6 Guildaholics Anonymous
Ministry of Death Hun 6-6 Black People
Nemo Nos Impune Lacessit 9-9 Clan Roxor
Newbs On Tour 12-12 Os Filhos Do Patrao
O B A Q 6-6 Error Seven Operators
Offensive Guild Name Here 12-12 Serious pain in the
Onslaught of Xen 9-9 Red Basilica
Ordre des Soldats Ambres 6-6 The Shattered Hand
Pets Can Not Heal You 6-6 War Project
Pigs Might Fly 9-9 Il The Mighty Ducks Il
Pilsner Urquell Guardians 9-9 Guild Wars Latino
Pink Panda Guild 3-3 I Falchi Bianchi
Pints N Quarts 9-9 Esoteric Females
Pirate Pirate 3-3 Greedy Monkeys
Please Somebody Help Me 9-9 Team Quintessence
Powerpuff Boys 15-15 Empty Skillbars
Project Teamwork 9-9 黑暗魔王軍團
Real Teazer 12-12 Serious Sin
Revive Teammates 12-12 That Hideous Strength
Royal Guild of Brunei 6-6 Fuera De Rango
Save The Dolyaks 12-12 Guards Of The Isles
Scrubs Make Us 6-6 Apathy Inc.
Servants of Fortuna Victrix 9-9 Spirits of War
Signet of Ultimate Doom 9-9 Thrill Of Victory
Silent Hunters 6-6 Reign of Xen
Smart People 9-9 Legion of Valhalla
So Baeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Its 9-9 Steel Phoenix
Society of the Dragon 6-6 Formidable Force
Spectral Agony 9-9 I Vincere Aut Mori I
Tama Na Yan Inuman Na 6-6 Vile Faith
Team Chaos Theory 12-12 By Balthazars Beard
Team Enigma 3-3 Kings Army of Surmia
Team Flamingo 12-12 Time Is Running
Team Utspekulert 10-10 Section One
Temporal Flux Reality 12-10 Where Is My Bed
Ten Swords Lorden 6-6 Presearing Make Out Party
The Anathema 9-9 Prizewinning Hogs
The Beginners 6-6 L I Z Z A R D S
The Bulgarians 3-3 Omg Noobs
The Flying Liberaces 9-9 The Illuminati
The Order Of Baa 6-6 The Battle Of The Trees
The Shadow Knights 12-12 Bruderschaft der Verdammnis
Timeless Resolve 12-12 Rus Corp
Trained Professionals 9-9 Untimely Demise
Triple X 6-6 Guardians of Arkangels
Trone de Fer 3-3 Maestus Nex
Ultio Atrox 9-9 Team Red Bull
United Shizobunnies 9-9 Lords Of Quid
Utopia Finalis 9-9 Forsaken Wanderers
Veni Vidi Vici 6-6 Romanian Camelot
Virtual Dragons 12-12 Rise In Superior Competition
Vx Nine 6-6 L Oeil Du Phoenix
We Are All Pretty 9-9 Los Hombres De Anet
We Count Corpses 6-6 Strike Force
Winners Remorse 12-12 Stylish Crew
Wrong Target 6-6 The Skeleton Closet
X Attention Disorder X 9-9 Brewed To Perfection
Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx 9-9 Necro Raiders
You Is 10-9 The Sendathi
Zero Files Remaining 12-12 Synthetic Gods
한 얼 9-9 Illusion Of Skill

Und du beweisst hier auf sehr eindeutige Art, dass dir die Eier fehlen.

Jet Black



Saturday, March 17th 2007, 10:02pm

1. danke
2. du hast zu viel zeit
Woven Hand - Behind your Breath
" - his rest


Amateur Dramatic Society


Saturday, March 17th 2007, 11:38pm

Ist Copy+Paste so viel Arbeit für dich?
„We cannot fail to win unless we fail to try.“
(Tom Clancy)

Jet Black



Saturday, March 17th 2007, 11:49pm

ich bin von liebevoller handarbeit ausgegangen... du zerstörst meine kindlichen vorstellungen, godguard ;(

u ja, c+p is zuviel arbeit für mich
Woven Hand - Behind your Breath
" - his rest




Sunday, March 18th 2007, 2:23pm

1. danke
2. du hast zu viel zeit

Zu viel zeit hat der, der zu jedem Post einen solch sinnfreien Kommentar abgeben kann ^^ :D

Jet Black



Sunday, March 18th 2007, 2:45pm

es gibt forumstitel, die muss man sich nunmal verdienen ^^
Woven Hand - Behind your Breath
" - his rest


Sunday, March 18th 2007, 3:21pm

es gibt forumstitel, die muss man sich nunmal verdienen ^^
Und du bist stolz auf deinen?

BTW: Ich check das Youtubevideo einbinden nicht.
"Ich bin nicht sicher, mit welchen Waffen der dritte Weltkrieg ausgetragen wird, aber im vierten Weltkrieg werden sie mit Stöcken und Steinen kämpfen." - Albert Einstein

Es gibt 10 Arten von Menschen,
die, die Binär lesen können
und die, die es nicht können.