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Spiel-Update 24. August 2007

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Friday, August 24th 2007, 9:30am

24. August 2007

Update - Thursday, August 23, 2007

Territory and District UI Changes

* Travel between European and American districts is now available through the District List and the map travel dialog panel.
* The Change Territory button has been removed from the Edit Account panel in the Character Selection Screen.
* The District List and the map travel district menu have been updated to include a "More Options" button. Selecting this button opens a new dialog panel for travel to districts divided by territory and language.
* This panel also allows you to choose which numbered district to travel to, instead of automatically taking you to the active district.
* Players will now log in to the territory and language of the last outpost they visited.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug in the Nightfall quest "Into the Fire" that prevented players from collecting their reward occasionally.
* Fixed bugs in the North Kryta Province and Tasca's Demise that prevented players from Vanquishing them occasionally.
* Fixed a god statue in Fahranur, the First City that was mistakenly summoning Lyssa’s Muse instead of the Champion of Balthazar.
* Fixed a graphical error with the Hourglass Staff preorder item.


* Added new ranks to the Kind of a Big Deal title track.
* Re-enabled the reconnect after disconnect feature.
* The Text Language drop-down list found in the Options [F11] panel now displays all language entries in both your current language choice as well as each entry's language.
* The Party panel can once again be resized vertically. It still re-sizes automatically whenever members are added or removed.
* To avoid players accidentally expanding or collapsing groups listed within the Party panel, players must now click on the [+] button to expand or collapse these groups.

Guild Wars Wiki notes

* This update required users to accept a new version of the EULA. These are the changes from the previous version.
* This update scaled the Gladiator title ranks up (first rank at 500), but did not convert existing player gladiator points. This was fixed in the second update
* The Lightbringer title rank 6 now is appropriately named "Vanquishing Lightbringer" (instead of "Conquering Commander"), and rank 5 has been renamed to Conquering Lightbringer. This does not affect German language selection.
* A slot was added to crafting material storage for Onyx Gemstones
* As of this update you cannot have more than 3 PvE-only skills on your skillbar. This is noted in the second update.
* When zoning with more than one elite skill on the player's skillbar the rightmost skill is retained instead of the leftmost.
* This update introduced erratic trade chat filtering.
* Underground zones (as well as other off-map zones, such as those in the Realm of Torment) are now shown on the world map in a popup window when in the zone. The "U" key toggles this popup on and off, as does the Mission Map button on the world map.
* This update added Moa Nests to the southeastern corner of Regent Valley and a Volcanic Rock to Perdition Rock.
* In Alliance Battles, the gates (of Ancestral Lands) now break everytime when a player uses the Lever of it instead of opening for a few seconds - they also repair when a player uses a lever of a broken one regardles if the player is wielding a repair kit or not.
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